The power of accountability

Many people express that the key factor holding them back from reaching their health and fitness goals is lack of accountability.

But what does accountability really mean? It’s essentially having someone who checks on you, ensuring you follow through with your commitments.

It may sound simple, but it’s really important. Think of it as positive peer pressure, nudging you forward one step at a time.

Clients often share with me the power of scheduled workouts. Knowing that your trainer and others are counting on you keeps you motivated to show up.

When logging your meals, eating decisions tend to improve. Knowing that someone is watching leads to different choices.

Partnering up for workouts is another great form of accountability. While it’s easy to throw in the towel on a solo workout when life happens, committing to someone else makes it more likely you’ll show up.

Accountability takes on many forms. Whichever method you embrace, studies show that accountability leads to getting better results faster … and sustaining them for the long haul.

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