Protein shake: Before or after dinner?

If you hit the gym in the evening after work but before dinner, should you bother with a post-workout protein shake?

I mean, you’ll be getting your post-workout protein with dinner, right? Save the protein shake for another day.

Not exactly.

Here’s a hack you can try to “double dip” on your post-workout protein:

Instead of waiting until after your workout, have a protein shake before hitting the gym. By doing this 45 minutes to an hour before your session, your body will have plenty of time to digest and absorb the protein, so it’s ready and waiting to repair and build muscle when you’re done.

Then, you can follow up with a protein-rich dinner about an hour after your workout ends to “double down” on your post-workout protein.

This just goes to show how we can use science to our benefit and achieve the results we want.

Need some more tips about how to use protein shakes to achieve the results you want? Reply back and let me know.

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