How To Indulge

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

First, I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday and all your favorite foods.

That’s right … I said it … all your favorite foods.

One day of indulgence isn’t going to ruin your health or sabotage your progress. But there are a few ways we can keep things under control so you don’t overeat to the point of indigestion and regret.

Slow Down. One of the most effective tools we have to control calories is to eat slowly … but it’s one that few of us practice. Think about all the time and effort that went into preparing the Thanksgiving meal … and put the same care into enjoying it. If you slow down your eating, you’ll eat less, enjoy the food more, and feel satisfied but not stuffed when you’re done.

Don’t Starve. Regardless of what time you have your Thanksgiving meal, you don’t want to abstain from eating in the hours leading up to it. If your bird is served around mid-day, don’t skip breakfast. If you eat at dinnertime, have breakfast and a small lunch. If you avoid food throughout the day, you’ll be more likely to overeat at dinner.

Fruits & Veggies. If you’re going to snack throughout the day, prioritize fruits and vegetables. They contain lots of water to help you stay hydrated (to combat any, um, alcoholic beverages you may consume) and plenty of fiber (to help regulate your blood sugar and moderate your hunger).

Just remember … you don’t need to avoid all your favorite foods on Thanksgiving. Just follow these simple tips so you don’t overdo it.

Your Friend and Coach,

Train Smart. Train Hard. Train Safe. Train to Sweatt

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